Four time winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award, the Trio has been lauded by the Guardian as ‘the UK’s best live band’, and recent festival appearances at Glastonbury and Lau-Land in Newcastle this summer have only warranted further such praise.

Three masters of their individual trades, few acts come close to matching their unique chemistry and experimental blend of accordion, guitar and fiddle. Making the most of loop pedals, Lau also concoct a live sound that at times can appear impossibly full and layered for only three instruments, a sensation often replaced in an instant by a hauntingly bare melody, as in the closing moments of ‘Far from Portland’. Although predominantly an instrumental folk group, songs such as Kris Drever’s (guitar and vocals) stunning ‘Ghosts’ add another element to their performances.

A must-see live band, as well as leaders and innovators of the folk revival…