First Aid Kit

When siblings collaborate musically, the product is often an almost intangible chemistry reflected in the sound. Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit prove to be no exception to this trend. Following in the footsteps of family groups like the Bee Gees and more recently, The Staves, the effortless symmetry between Johanna and Klara Söderburg’s soaring vocal harmonies is wonderful in the studio and positively ethereal at live shows. The early summer release of a third studio album ‘Stay Gold’ re-confirms their exquisite talent for songwriting, filling an Americana sound with pop intensity.

Beyond the harmony, their vocal delivery also possesses what feels like an innate originality. Tracks like ‘Waitress Song’ sound like home grown folk ballads from the American South, with Klara dreaming of moving to a ‘small town’ and renaming herself ‘Stacey’, but a Scandinavian magic still haunts the opening. In this sense First Aid Kit may not be revolutionary, but that’s precisely what makes their music so alluring: it feels timeless. Perhaps that is why the duo have managed to achieve the rare feat of drawing in young and old fans alike, in their droves.

A real family affair with Papa Söderburg doing the sound at their gigs, at 21 and 23, the First Aid Kit girls have a long and exciting musical future ahead of them. A must-see live act…