Occasionally you hear a new band that sounds like its members could have been playing together for decades. London based four-piece Flyte are one of those rare bands. In spite of the brilliance of frontman Will Taylor, it’s the way the group gels as a single entity that makes them such a joy to listen to. All impress vocally, and irresistible layers of harmony are at the heart of their ever-evolving sound. 

It is also impossible to attach Flyte to a neat genre because of this evolution. Their most recent synth-infused single ‘Light Me Up’ sounds more like a Genesis anthem than the funk fuelled indie style of their earlier work. ‘We are the Rain’ takes things even further back, warranting comparison to groups like Electric Light Orchestra even if the track’s lively energy feels a little more sardonic than singing about ‘Mr Blue Sky’. In any case, for a band as young as this one, Flyte have already exhibited a mastery for melody, as well as a truly astonishing capacity for experimentation, innovation and range. 

As if that wasn’t enough, they are also busking legends of Portobello Road where they still play occasionally, although the announcement of their first headline tour beginning later this month may put their Notting Hill outings on hold. Here’s a sublime live recording of one of their older tracks, ‘Words Come Easily’…