Performing under the name Fractures, producer Mark Zito’s debut single ‘Twisted’ received massive attention when it was initially released in late 2012. Since then Fractures has developed and evolved in spite of a near-fatal fall that left Zito out of action for six months, and following up his stunning eponymous EP debut, he has recently returned to his native Australia on the back of a world tour. 

A work of 8 tracks, the Fractures EP offers listeners the luxury of enjoying each song as a component of the greater whole. The tracks melt into each other, and Zito’s fascinating songwriting style means they lack the rigid structure of verse and chorus. Instead the gentle peaks and troughs have a real journey-like quality to them, and the work fully warrants a listen from beginning to end. The production is also exquisite, with warm bass and synths filling out a wonderfully layered sound, and rhythmic changes are so seamless they almost feel undetectable as in the opening moments of ‘Cadence’. What’s more, Zito as the performer not the producer recreates the tracks in a live setting with the help of his band, navigating through all their complexity.

A phenomenal songwriter, producer and performer, fans can look forward to Fractures’ next move. Having already exhibited so much range, it’s hard to know what form that move might take…