Jack Garratt

Following the release of his EP ‘Remnants’ in July, intrigue surrounding Jack Garratt’s highly acclaimed debut has continued to grow. With critics left wondering exactly how to define his elusive sound, it has proved impossible to attach Garratt to a specific genre, each song seeming to draw on a sweep of influences in perpetual flux. It is this unpredictability that makes ‘Remnants’ so absorbing; the track ‘Worry’ opens bleakly with an anxious but soulful verse reminiscent of James Blake, before bursting somewhat bizarrely into a chorus that could be mistaken for Justin Timberlake.

Garratt’s impressive vocals also add to a melancholic work of unmistakable originality and subtlety, even if the listener feels strangely sure they’ve heard it all before...

Definitely one to go and see live, performing all his material solo despite the enormity of his sound. He's next playing on 30th September at Basement, tickets here: http://www.musicglue.com/jackgarratt/tickets/