Jake Isaac

Hailing from South London, Jake Isaac is a rising talent whose smooth, soulful vocals are matched by an unmistakable flair for songwriting. In his recent work, this flair is most evident in the musical variety offered to the listener. Released earlier this year, Isaac’s ‘War Child’ EP is impressively compact with songs like ‘War Is Our Name’ and ‘Long Road’ establishing a rock infused element to complement the more soulful, stripped back piano tracks. 

In particular, the heartfelt piano ballad ‘Hope’ with its thoughtful chord progressions stands out. There is also something wonderfully fragile in Isaac’s vocal delivery and tone, making his lyrics all the more moving. This is true in spite of his effortless baritone power that blends delightfully with JP Cooper and Josh Record in two collaborative tracks included on the EP.  

A moving and versatile writer and vocalist, Isaac’s work to date confirms his massive potential. Also a fantastic live performer, he is about to tour the UK so be sure to catch him if you can.

Tickets and dates here: https://www.musicglue.com/jakeisaac/live/