James Bay

Since his busking days in Brighton as a young music student, James Bay has matured into one of the most exciting new singer/songwriters around. Originally from Hertfordshire, at 23 he has already toured extensively in the States and the UK, and after two EP releases now enjoys an ever-expanding international fan base. 

As a songwriter, Bay’s faithfulness to melody is instantly apparent in his work, and he succeeds in breaking down a poppy sound to an acoustic core. It is his stunning and raw vocals that then add a timeless pinch of soul to the mix, falling somewhere between the smoky tone of James Morrison and the delicate precision of JP Cooper. In his forthcoming EP ‘Hold Back The River’ (due for release later this month), Bay also presents listeners with a new more bluesy element to his expanding sound. This is immediately clear in ‘Sparks’, driven forward by its sleek guitar groove. The title track ‘Hold Back The River’ also demonstrates Bay’s raw, emotional, and wonderfully melodic songwriting style. This is true in spite of the growth of his sound, with electric guitar now taking the lead over acoustic.

Here’s a stunning video of Bay’s slightly older track ‘Let It Go. An outstanding live performer, he’s just about to embark on a headline tour around the UK. Dates and tickets here - http://www.jamesbaymusic.com/