Little Shoes Big Voice

In recent months, London based duo Little Shoes Big Voice have been turning heads with a series of captivating releases. Moving away from the acoustic sound of their 2013 debut E.P. ‘Little Things’, Emily Harvey and Jack Durtnall have embraced more electronic elements in some exquisitely produced new tracks. 

The pair make a compelling combination, with the production of multi-instrumentalist Durtnall providing a rich backdrop for Harvey’s bewitching vocals. In this sense, songs like ‘Blue Veins’ are reminiscent of work by other female/male electro-pop groups like New Look and Broods, but LSBV have also brought something fresh to this set-up and genre. Alongside the atmospheric electro feel, there is still a notable emphasis on instrumentation, with a ukulele driving forward the melody in ‘Nightfall’. The same is true of their most recent release ‘Heaven Ain’t High’, which manages to retain the singer-songwriter vibe of their roots in spite of the FX laden guitar and ethereal vocal lines. 

If their latest work is anything to go by, the collaboration between this duo has proved incredibly fruitful since their formation at a Strum Live gig in East London. The potential of the pair is even more evident; each new release is immediately striking, and a rapidly growing fan base can look forward to their next move.