Salt Cathedral

Named after La Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá, a subterranean church built within salt mine tunnels in Cundinamarca, Colombia, Salt Cathedral was founded by Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada after the two began writing music together in Boston. Although the pair grew up only a few blocks away from each other in the Colombian capital Bogotá, they met in the States and are now based out of Brooklyn. 

It is also clear that the sounds of the East Coast have firmly embedded themselves in Salt Cathedral’s musical voice, the group concocting their own brew of indie electro-pop. Their latest 6 track EP, Oom Velt, is a stunning example of a collection of work that has managed to breathe a new kind of life into a familiar genre. Leaving behind the guitar driven sound of their eponymous debut, Oom Velt is exquisitely layered, a grand collage of natural and synthetic sounds that somehow comes together as a compelling whole. Each bar feels meticulously thought out, and the listener can find new alleyways to explore with each play beneath Ronderos’ haunting vocals. At times Oom Velt even becomes what can only be described as disturbing, as in the chorus of ‘Good Winds’. Reminiscent of The Knife/ Fever Ray, any discomfort felt by the listener is then swept aside by brief but irresistible moments of resolve. It is also a work that delights lyrically, each line enhancing the pre-existing atmosphere set by the instrumentation.

A wonderfully produced and incredibly thoughtful and moving EP, Oom Velt makes Salt Cathedral a fascinating one to watch. Let’s hope they make the voyage to British shores soon…